Paul Moore

Animal Healing


All animals are brothers and sisters to Native Americans, they talk to me about their owner/other people, and conditions of housing and other animals or people that may stress them; they talk to me about their condition, if something isn’t right physically and mentally with them they will speak to me, and tell me what is wrong.

Not only do I talk to them I heal their knees hips and all joints, Jaw’s and teeth, Achilles tendons, ligaments, and all major organs such as spleen, liver, heart, and lungs…if above mentioned are healed the animal will heal the rest of the body.

I will tell you everything about your animal’s physical and mental health…everything..... Animals are ours for life; they are our gift of love.

The spleen and liver holds all stress and past memory that bothers your animal…I will release it, then healing begins…mentally and physically.

Animals of all type hold love for their Sister and Brother and will absorb all problems of the HUMAN, this will live in their organs…It is called PHYSICAL transference. Husbands do this in childbirth; the husband will have the labor pains for his wife…because he loves her.

Animals are all the same; they take your problems as theirs and bring Dis-ease to them as theirs. My Student Angelika and I can release this from your Loved Animal.

Angelika has been my Student for five plus years, two years as a member of classes and three plus as my only Student in ANIMALS and Humans, Angelika has excelled…

Angelika lives in the Hamburg area of Germany and speaks fluent German and English. No horse, dog or any animal should go sick and hurt mentally are physically…


We will give you a two (2) workshop, and I mean you will work! You will learn to heal your animal!

The workshop will be at a Stable or Kennel of your choice. We need a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 people and animals.

Cost is 250 pounds for a weekend, and I will do personal healings on your Animal or you for 60 pounds a session.

Just get your Baby to our workshop and you will be excited and confident to help your Brother or Sister.



Looking forward to hearing from you