Paul Moore


An Evening of Clairvoyance and






Paul Moore “Bear Paw”




Paul in his unique manner of humour and realism based in his Native American upbringing shocks electrifies and brings roars of laughter to audiences all over Scotland and England.


Confirming that there is a world beyond our physical world is what every Medium has to do but Paul sees his quest of life as being more. “When I am in front of an audience I have to bring in every gift I was born with, seeing aura’s, clairvoyance, Native American Wisdom and above all…empathy and compassion”. Paul is not beyond making anyone squirm in their chair wondering if he is going to come through with personal information…Paul states that he will get personal but also states that he does draw a line between personal and being intrusive in someone’s life and also states that he urges members of the audience to see him after if it is too personal to be shared. 


A man of honour in the tradition that he was raised in is Paul Moore “Bear Paw”.  Paul tells everyone at every event that life is meant to be lived in harmony peace, it is not meant to be arduous; your past-away loved ones; relatives and friends are here to give you direction in your life and through your life.





Dear Paul, thank you so much for the unforgettable reading, for looking after my mom and for the hope you gave us. Thank you also for telling my "sis" Stephanie and me who we were for eachother in a passed life. I hope you will visit us a lot of times. There are so many people in Germany looking for hope and a little bit more direction in their life, so many people, who are hoping to meet you their first time and so many people hoping to meet you again, like i do. I send you a hug and hope you will give this hug also to martina, who ist a very wonderful and funny person. Thanks a lot for visting us here in Germany. I will trust in love, learn to trust much more in human beeings und this is what i owe a lot to you!! love TINA

Hi Paul,thank you for being in Germany it war's very great to meet you, all People hope you will soon come back.
A lot of love Claudia wink


seeing you @ the aclet was absolutly great Paul,we both feel we have known you for years,you always seem to tell us something both interesting and witty via the spirit world.
We both hope the friendship we have developed goes on from strength to strength.

looking foreward to the next time we meet.



audrey: hi paul
thanks for the great reading you gave us on the 6 sept 07 i will remember it always and am sure to play the tape over and over .i feel that you lifted my spirits after talking to you and have felt much happier since till we meet again paul
love audrey xxx


joanne: hiya paul
just wanted to say thank you so much for the reading u gave me and my family on the 6th sept 07.we thourght you were fantastic and we cai'nt wait to see you hit on so many things that were true and made us feel so special and relaxed,we felt like we had known you for years .you just felt like one of the family .lol..keep up the good work,hope to see you soon. best wishes love joanne



michelle: hey bbz its shell seen ya on thursday lol i let ma boyfriend listen to my tape he laugh bout the baby like lol it was really good n i cant wait to see u agen xxxxxxxxxxx



michael : Hi paul,I am a student of SP and over recent times lost my connection for a while . Started listening to the outer world a bit to much. being guided to your site has refocused me .thankyou.



Susan: Paul. Im changing. I know it feel it and want it and I thank you for assisting me on my journey         


John: Paul you just get better and better. The work you do is among the best I have ever seen. You give such good evidence that life is everlasting.
Please keep up all the good work

Gill Gosling:: <> Paul "Bear Paw" has a unique gift which can help ANYONE. Be touched by his own true spirit and you will find your own peace and stillness within. I can truly vouch for that. Paul can help guide you to the path you need. But only you yourself will be able to follow it in the end. In this world there are few who can help light the way passionately for others. Paul is one of those special Beings. Love you Paul. Hugs Gill G. (Dragonfly)


john marr <>: Hi Paul, what a great clairvoyante


rihcard andrea <>: hi paul great night at the washington hall thanx had a gr8 night

Rhona <>:

Hi, What a fantastic web-site; one of wonderful insight, and a man who is more than willing to share it with those who are interested in the road they are walking. So glad I called in, and I'm sure you will be too.
Mitakuye Oyasin


Amanda Stocks <>: Hiya Paul,

Hope you are well.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the reading you gave me at the Metrodome mind, body and spirit fair, last weekend. I am just starting to realise what it meant and how to integrate all of the teachings you opened up for me.

I have a feeling its not going to be easy but I am willing to learn.

Thank you


Lynne <>: Hi Paul, nice to meet you at Barnsley Metrodome 20/5/06.
Hope to see you again soon. Thank you so much for the CD.                                                            
love & light Lynne xx

Gail <>: Hi Paul,
Just want to say a big thank you for your reading yesterday. You seemed to know exactly what I needed to know to get me motivated in the right direction.

Thank you for being so generous.
Best wishes for the future


Tracy <>: Hi Paul,
I was wondering if you will have any dates too come to Chilton, Co Durham for an evening with you.
I would be interested to meet with you, as I too have a Link with the Native Americans.
Thank you for taking the time to read this as I realise you are busy.

Blessed Be


sarah scott <>: Hi Paul, I think that you are fantastic and I would realy like to speak to you again

Love Sarah

Carol Spooner <>: Hi Paul,
You are a brilliant medium and I love you to bits.
See you soon.
Colin Marriner <>: Enjoyed your night at spennymoor.

All the best

big grin
John Marr <>: Hi Paul,
you are fantastic medium
Keep up the good work


Gemma <>: I found your site to be of great use Paul, as I have always wanted to understand the deep-visioning world of the Native Americans. I have always meditated but have never achieved the proper level (in my estimation) and your explanations of visioning have helped me immensely. I also like the excerpt from chapter one of the cave of water, I know that this is possible for me to achieve one day.

Good luck and best wishes, Gemma