Paul Moore

  I Will try to the best of my abilities, to heal you with all of the knowledge handed down to me by my Native

 American (Canadian Abenaki) Grandmother!

I heal from an altered state of consciousness, in which, I will bring into my consciousness your Higher self (Spirit, Soul), to enact healing in your life.  


 I offer to give healing to all terminally ill,


 without fee(s)


All I ask is lodging,


Native Americans have always been revered for their ability to heal, but modern thinking of needing a pill or surgery has erased all desire and drive to heal…we are now a society of quick fix.

You are important and your needs and wish for a healthy life have always been important to every healer, be it doctor, nurse, priest, Rabbi, Llama, Monk or Native American.


I ask you for your faith, and for your faith in life, a life that will be full, if you decide that you want to be healthy.  Humans are filled with dis-ease of the body and mind…some afflictions are of the body, and some are generated by the mind, but then some are a combination of both.


Afflictions of the body can be healed quickly. You may be taken back by this probable fact, but it is true. Most of all physical illnesses, can be healed, the remaining can be healed with a partnership within, Doctor and counselling. 


 Thank you


Paul Moore (Bear Paw)