Paul Moore





Paul Moore


I am half American Irish, and half French Canadian Abenaki. My language usage is “down-home” American so please excuse my structure(s) of sentences and paragraphs.  I hope you enjoy what you read…It is my life at a glance!

I hold two citizenships, the USA and the Republic of Ireland…thanks to my Mother and Father.  Both of my parents are past-away now but with me daily in conversation and love…In vision

My Mother was French Canadian Abenaki; My Mother was born in the State of Vermont unexpectedly while the family was looking for a farm to buy, she was the youngest of three (four, one died) children  from Abbotsford area of Montreal…

My Mother was given the name of the Child that died in birth…In the Native world the lost child returns soon and in her case My MemMe’ named my Mother  the same name of the Baby that she would have had if her birth was completed in the first pregnancy.

 The family all moved to Vermont to avoid persecution from Canadians in 1916. I mean all relatives’…Uncles/Aunts, Cousins and everyone…and they all bought farms and worked with brick and stone and farmed at the same time…

My Native Grandmother is the main person in my life so please read carefully…she is known as Mem Me’ in my life and in the many books that I will write…

My Grandmother Mem Me’ followed her traditional beliefs and healed everyone in her life whether it was with a touch or words from her heart. Every one called her Matante…you can spell it Ma Tante if you wish, both are accepted in Canadian French or Anna which she referrers.

Mem Me’ was a teacher of Parisian French in Catholic Convent Schools and she was my teacher and Shaman, as you will read throughout this little book, and it is because of Mem Me’ I am writing this little book…My Mother and I almost died at my Birth, (I use capitals for a reason, my birth is my greatest day), MemMe’ is my hero, my Grandmother stepped in and we both lived… 

My Mother and I almost died at birth, and my Grandmother wouldn’t allow that, and she saved me when I was twenty years old also. I had a ruptured appendix with peritonitis and they called the priest in to give me the Sacraments of the Last Right and my Grandmother stop the death…My Hero came through again.   

Mem Me’ healed the sick and dying as a part of the Catholic church’s healing group back in the 1940(s) (1950s) and 1960(s) in the Springfield Massachusetts  Diocese…at that time all healing was banned by the existing Cardinal Cushing, so the local Bishop, Bishop Weldon…allowed it, but it was covert…The five other members of their healing group…comprised of a Monsignor, and four Nuns of Providence, and me…a young boy of 10 years old….all of us were part or full Native American.

Native American’s do all visioning from the cave, all of the caves of the elements, Fire, Water, Earth and Air

We (The healing Group) would all go into vision in the Cave of Fire…we all had our place in the healings…

We only went to terminal cancer hospitals…and Mem Me’ did great work…and we helped her, she was the Shaman, even though all of us were of Native American heritage she was the Lady that I adored and learned from.   

My Native Grandfather I never knew…he was named after his heritage…he was Native American, but also from his heritage, from France…His name was Nazaire, and his heritage was from the Saint Nazaire area of France…Saint Nazaire at that era were Celtic like and feared by the King of France.

His heritage is the birth of the feared name CONUCK to the British and French in the, 16th and 17th century. The Canuck were half breeds (half white and half Abenaki)…the looked white but were Native…so the French and British lost thousands of soldiers…and hunted Conuck relentlessly, and this led to numbering Native American’s in Canada and in the USA…These Canucks were better known as “Saint Francis Indian’s”     

My Father was Irish/American and the family roots are from County Cork area of The Republic of Ireland. My Grandmother was a Native of the Skibbereen area; to be exact…Drinagh, My Irish Grandmother name was Connelly.

 My Grandfather was a stone man (He owned marble quarries and Granite quarries)  also just like my Mother’s side of the family…Stone people only trusted and married to stone people back then in the 1800s and 1900s…

My Irish Grandfather owned green marble quarries in the USA in the State of New York and Granite quarries and Granite Sheds in Montpelier Vermont…The Family name is still on the Granite Sheds…but we have no ownership….

Now for me, this is not exciting… :>)


I have two beautiful children, Monique and Michael and they each have children, Koryna, Ben, and Nolan…My children are so different, my son is typical native, life has to come easy, and to my daughter life has to be a challenge. Both children are successful and live their lives in Massachusetts USA

My Daughter is a police Detective and My Son is in heating and air-conditioning holding most licensing’s…

Love them all sooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My Native name was too long for me to remember as a typical boy, I was named by my Grandmother Mem Me’…in Abenaki Ceremony; it was; “healing hand of the bear”…

As my life progressed, my Native name meant nothing to me…it was the world of real names now, names like Paul Moore…and I adopted the name of Bear Paw… and all of my friends called me Paw even as a young boy.

I excelled in sports but not in school, I stopped my high school education in my 11th year and went to Barber school in 1961 and in 1971 I bought the business that I worked in and ran it until I moved to England in 2003..

I did continue my education in the 1990s…I took a State level High School equivocal Test and past with high levels and went on to University while working and for four years of University studying Psychology as a major and Sociology as a minor I maintained “A” levels. Haaa, so says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks :>)))))   

My French Canadian Abenaki grandmother Mem Me’ was the biggest influence in my life…She was Mem Me’ to me, she was my mentor and link to the Spirit world.

Mem Me’ taught me so much in her life, she encouraged me, before her death at 90 years old, to take the power of breath course in Yoga called Kriya Yoga. Everything in life is through the power of breath, Mem Me’ said to me as a young boy, and she was right, so right…as you will read in your chapters of the book. Everything in life is through the feminine energy, and breath brings this on…the deep breathing releases the endorphins of life and healing…it is the same endorphin in Mothers milk.

My history is below...

·        I was born in New England, U.S.A, in the State of Massachusetts in the western area just below Vermont, about two and a half hours plus from Montreal Canada. I have two Children, Monique and Michael and three Grand children Koryna, Ben and Nolan.

·        I moved to England with my wife Lillian and my step-daughter Janey, because they were home-sick for their England…and I don’t blame them, they have brothers and Sisters here.

I work all through England and the European Continent teaching my Native American tradition, bringing people to spirit so that they can have truth in their life, whether it is healing others or themselves…

All of my workshops are filled with humor always…In humor all representational systems collapse and only understanding lives…plus…humor brings in the much needed endorphins to bring in passivity and understanding. 

·        My education is psychology and sociology. I owned a hair salon for 30 plus years and cut hair for 40 plus years.

·        Reiki Master

·        Shamanic Healer

·        Life Coach and Lecturer/teacher

·        A clairvoyant/ Medium in front of audience of several hundred or 20 people…numbers mean nothing if my Spirit Guides say to me…YES… do it, so I do it…Very similar to writing this book; Spirit said to write three books, so I write…

·        I work extensively (half of every month) in the German speaking communities across the world, Germany, Austria, Majorca, Tenerife, and La Palma.

·        I facilitate workshops across the EU in healing from the medicine wheel…all courses are geared for healing the individual as well as healing the client or public…Shamanic wisdom is based in truth and respect, both sides of an issue speaking truth, and finding an agreement with respect for both sides feeling honor and giving honor.

I often wonder why corporations don’t hire Shamanic people with objective wisdom to handle negations between management and workforce…Or, why doesn’t management hire Shamanic people to see truth and lies, or to motivate a workforce, and management...

·        I have made at least 8-11 CD’S to date in English and German/English…all based on the medicine wheel…elements of Fire…Water…Earth and Air, Soul Retrieval, Naked Truth, Medicine Wheel, Warrior on the Hill, and instrumentals…Sacred Land, Flute and Drum, and Flute Dreaming…and more to come…

I tried very hard to avoid talking about me…I talked mostly about everyone else and about courses, everything but me… :>)))))))))))

Love to all