Paul Moore




Stress is caused by not having control over situations in your life. Don’t despair just find a peaceful area to relax…

Take deep breaths and think back in your life to a more peaceful time; this peaceful time may be a love, the birth of your child, the gaining of a job that really made you happy.


Remembering happy thoughts bring into your body endorphins. My Native Grandmother never knew the words endorphins, but she and all Native Americans raised their children with the knowledge of both male and feminine energies.

No on should ever live in stress, stress is for those that need lessons and lesson learning…stress shows you what you do not want.


Never ever, in your life should you feel stress…everyone in this life has all of the tools available to them to rid their life of stress, “I.E”., difficulties.

Without taken a workshop I can safely tell you that if you take a deep breath and take a long walk and see my eyes on the opening page guiding you with laughter…I say laughter because I have a great sense of humour, especially when it concerns others taking in stress needlessly.


Learn where your power lies and take advantage of it…why shorten your life and lessen it also in quality…Please listen to my CD on this site and have a sparkling day, month, and many years