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Please bear with us, the first workshop is healing which is below, but there are many more to come




Healing is a tricky subject

When I heal I use the medicine wheel, but in vision...this is a lifetime of learning my friends. The Wheel is so complex because it brings in everything, every aspect of life, from the four elements to the four directions, to all of the animals, insects, birds, aquatic, flowers, herbs &seeds, bushes, colours and so much more that I cannot begin to elaborate on...

When I teach healing, I bring you to your spirit, that should enable you enough to heal with their guidance, along with the medical professions guidance also,,, (which by law I am compelled to state).

I do not use any drums or rattles, nor will I show you how to use them...I will show you how to heal by, “you” watching your Spirit guide there in front of you, who is waiting just for you, and for your client(s).


I, first of all, will always offer healing first for all workshops, these workshops, be it one day, or two, are intensive and fulfilling.

A small or mini course would be one day from 10AM to 4PM, with a break for lunch, and social talking afterwards about the day!

The day would include:

·         10:00 am, introductions to the healing workshop and what to expect during the day

·         10:30 am, gaining your confidence and going through a small vision to familiarise you with my voice and procedure...and to instil confidence in you that you can achieve your goal(s)

·         11:30 am, a small break for toilet

·         11:40 am, back into a deeper vision to give you confidence in your guide of healing and to walk through fire in vision to give you confidence...Be aware that this walk through fire is as real as real can get

·         1:15 pm, break for lunch

·         2:00 pm, watching your guide in vision heal someone that you bring with you in memory or thought

·         2:50 pm, walking into the fire and presenting yourself to your guide for you to be healed. This is difficult because it can resurrect feelings deep inside that have presented problems and that are still reoccurring to date. During this exercise your spirit will ask you to separate from yourself, your body...You will be asked to heal yourself along with your guide...remember that healing can only come from you.

The same exercise continues, but is broken into two parts, just encase you missed something...”Your” spirit will show you what caused this problem  

·         4:00 pm, the day is over, but personal talking begins and your life now begins new and refreshed...all of the day will not sink in for one to three days, then, you will feel great!!!


Two day healing workshop


Basically is the same for the first day, but, you get to ask spirit a whole lot more to do with the medicine wheel in healing. But do remember that Spirit is only going to give you what you can handle and believe in and no more.

Day two

·         10:00 am, a brief reliving of the day before

·         10:30 am, back into vision, but this time straight into the arms of your guide for much needed unconditional love.  Your guide will show you an instrument that was made just for you to use in healing from vision, and your guide will explain it to you in words that only you understand.

·         11:30 am, a much needed break for the toilet and a tea or coffee

·         12:00 pm, your guide will show you, your abilities and your future if you keep positive and use him or her as your helper in a positive way

·         1:15 pm, break for lunch

·         2:00 pm, everybody will have a very brief vision to say hello to your spirit and then get on with healing.  You will pare-up with a class mate and open-eyed, see your spirit and emulate what your spirit is doing to heal the person in front of may be asked to use the instrument to heal that Spirit gave you.

·         3:00 pm, a quick break

·         3:15 pm, I will bring in the energies of Spirit in vision to bring your two days to an end...the energies will be either angelic or past relatives to let you know that there is a life beyond what you see, so bring your tissues for this part

·         4:00 pm our two days are over, go with love and confidence in your life, and heal everyone you touch by voice, eyes, physical touch.


More to come...(:>)




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